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Network/Hardware solutions

To provide a central Computing facility with Network Server for all the Teaching and Non Teaching staff of the university. Establishing, coordinating, maintaining and administering Campus Wide Network including internet and allied services are performed at IT Centre.

Design and development of the software modules for use by various departments is accomplished successfully and its maintenance is done by the IT Centre.

Sharing of resources between campuses,Expand scope across different areas and demographics,Support and counselling through video conferencing,Connection with academic knowledge and resources and High level collaboration

University education is considered as a major consumer of modern technology as well as the regional and international changes in the areas of teaching, learning styles, scientific research and quality of education. This need to implement technological innovations is directed towards investment of knowledge and research to develop human resources, satisfy social needs and create new specialties to face challenges in the modern era

About Us

IT Center of Kannur University Center is involved in multiple techno academic activities related to IT, Computer Infrastructure and Communication area. IT Centre sets new goals and tries to achieve it every year.

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